Walker Just Rite Positioning Spray 4oz


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Have you ever applied your lace wig or toupee and thought, "This does not look quite right. I wish I had applied it further down/further up/the sideburns are not where they should be"?

Just Rite Positioning Spray is a revolutionary new product which helps you achieve the perfect placement of your lace wig or toupee every time you apply. It has many benefits:

  • It gives you more time to position your hair piece correctly - when using Just Rite, you can pull the hair piece off (immediately after you have applied it), and then apply again, without the glue or tape losing its tackiness!
  • It is extremely useful for touch-ups
  • Amazingly, we have found that it can even increase the hold of some adhesives! (we have found this to be the case for Davlyn Black and Davlyn Green, but please note that this effect can vary with adhesive and body chemistry)
  • Can also be used to (CAREFULLY) clean the edge of the lace where it meets your skin, to get rid of the fluff and dirt which can accumulate after a while
  • Can be used to clean solvent and adhesive residue from your skin after removing your wig

Just Rite is a fantastically versatile product, so it's really good value for money! It will be particularly beneficial if you are a new lace wig or toupee wearer and are still perfecting your application skills, but it is also great for long time wearers, particularly when you are in a rush and may not get the positioning of your hair piece right the first time! The product also has a nice fresh scent.


After glue/tape is applied to unit or scalp and has dried until tacky, spray Just Rite over adhesive area. The amount you spray will determine the amount of time you have to move the unit. Place the unit on the head and move into place. (Typically, you get about one extra minute.)

4 fl.oz. (118ml) spray bottle