Hair Textures

Which Texture Is Right For You?

This is what you may be asking yourself now. With such a large array of textures available, it can be overwhelming to choose between them. Which texture you opt for depends on your priorities when it comes to wearing lace wigs.

If your goal is to make it look REAL:

Then you should choose a texture that most closely matches your own hair.

Silky Straight is exactly as the name says - straight, silky, smooth and shiny. Indian Remy silky straight hair dries with a slight wave after washing. Choose this texture if your natural hair is silky and straight.

Light Yaki is a texture that mimics freshly relaxed or hot-pressed hair, but is a little sleeker and less coarse than AA relaxed and yaki hair. 

Yaki is slightly coarser than light yaki. This texture resembles tight curly, slightly coarse hair which has been straightened or relaxed. If your natural hair is very curly and highly textured, you should opt for yaki.

AA Relaxed Texture resembles Afro hair (types 4a and 4b) which has been relaxed or hot-pressed. You should choose this texture if your own hair is of a coarse Afro texture and you relax or press it. This texture of hair dries rather straight after washing.

Kinky Straight looks like natural Afro hair which has been blow-dried straight. Many will remember Rudy Huxtable from the Cosby Show - this is the exact same texture of her hair.

Italian Yaki is similar to kinky straight hair, but a little less kinky:

If you like full, thick hair:

Although the vast majority of our stock units are light to medium or medium density, you will find that Body wave, Kinky Straight, Italian Yaki, Brazilian Curl, Spanish Wave or Natural Curl textures have the most body and volume. Alternatively, you may want to order a custom-made wig from us and ask for a higher density.

Body Wave:

Spanish Wave:

If you like hair that is low maintenance and easy manageability:

Although all lace wig textures require proper maintenance and care, Chinese and Burmese Virgin Remy hair requires less than other textures. Both hair types are coarser, thicker and generally more resilient than Indian Remy hair. Virgin Remy hair, if described as having the donor's natural texture and hair colour, is hair that has not been processed at all. All cuticles are intact, and it has not been coloured, straightened or chemically altered in any way. Therefore, the hair quality is superb. We also sell 'semi-Virgin' hair: this is hair which was Virgin hair before it was processed (unlike regular Remy hair, which is not Virgin hair before it is processed). This allows it to retain a higher quality. Hair is 'semi-Virgin' if it is not its natural colour or natural texture, but is described as Virgin Remy hair.

Chinese hair does not hold a curl as well as other types of hair, as it is quite heavy and thick.

Alternatively, opt for Malaysian Virgin Remy hair - this hair is somewhat like Chinese hair in appearance, but tends to hold curls a little better (but still not as well as Indian hair).

There are other Virgin hair types we sell: Brazilian, European and Mongolian. Brazilian and European hair tends to resemble Indian hair, while Mongolian hair resembles Chinese hair.

Please note that this is only a rough guide and variations in texture are normal, due to each lace wig being hand-made in many hours of skilled labour. Each lace wig is unique.