Cornrow Cap For Sew-In Weaves, Horseshoe Style, medium cap size Q-COCAPHS1B-M

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Sew-in weaves can do more bad than good. The most common factor is tension: cornrowing too tight and sewing and pulling the weft too tight can lead to serious hair damage, such as traction alopecia.

The cornrow cap addresses this problem: it comes affixed with cornrows made of high-quality synthetic hair. The cap is perfect for short hair, weave caps, sew ins, crotchet and interlocking. The cornrows already being attached to the cap is equal to the convenience of a wig and lessens the stress of tension your hair has to manage.

For those of you who like to make their own wigs: this cap can be used as a base on which to attach wefts, crochet braids etc. A truly revolutionary product!

Horseshoe style cornrows, colour #1b

medium size