99% Medical Grade Alcohol 125ml ALCSPRAY


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125 ml bottle of 99% medical grade alcohol, used to cleanse skin before applying a lace wig or toupee.

99% alcohol is a MUST if you wear lace wigs, lace frontals or toupees! You cannot afford to not have this in your house if you wear lace wigs or toupees, as you will not get a good hold (good adhesion) if your skin is not cleansed with 99% alcohol.

Cleansing your skin with 99% alcohol constitutes the first step in your lace wig application. It is essential that you do not skip this step. The second step involves applying skin protector, and in the third step adhesive or tape is applied around the hairline.

This is an extremely versatile product! 99% alcohol can also be used to: clean your mirror after performing a 'mirror slide' (a technique used to get adhesive off the lace), soak your lace to remove stubborn adhesive residue, household cleaning and degreasing, and cleaning CDs/DVDs, just to name a few!

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