A U-Part wig allows you to incorporate your own hair through a u-shaped opening at the front of of the wig. Thus, you can use your own hair to make a natural part and expose your scalp, for a very natural look.

This is a great, convenient and low-cost option for those who like wearing weaves but don't like the hassle of hours of sewing. Also, because the wig can be attached and removed quickly and easily, you can care for your own hair much better than when you are wearing a sew-in weave.

The cap is wefted throughout using very thin machine-made wefts, except for the very front at the U-shaped opening, where approximately one inch width of hair is hand-tied onto lace. Unlike with a sew-in, this allows for a flatter look and better blending of your own hair with the wig hair and prevents tracks from showing, because the wefts are hidden underneath the ventilated hair.

  • Hand-tied lace front area for a more natural look (no more lumps and bumps!)
  • No gluing or sewing needed
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Ultra thin wefts provide a smooth and lightweight feel
  • Fits securely with the help of combs and adjustable straps
  • Cheaper and much less time-consuming than a weave