How to apply your Full Lace Wig

Please note: These application instructions show you how to apply your unit from ear to ear (I only attach the front of my unit because I like to be able to moisturize my own hair underneath every day; I wear lace wigs to help my hair grow). If you want to attach your whole perimeter, please apply these instructions to the back of your head as well, preferably using tape.

You will need:

99% alcohol
Skin protector
Wig cap/sleeping cap
Wooden spatula/cotton bud
Pinking shears
Liquid adhesive
Adhesive bandage (you won't need this if you are bald)
If you have medium to dark brown skin, you will also need liquid foundation or Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs to colour the bandage brown.

If you have long/thick hair, it is a good idea to braid your hair into cornrows, in order to condense it as much as possible. You can also wrap your hair with gel; just make sure the gel does not contain any alcohol, as this will dry your hair out and lead to breakage. Also remember that the knots on your wig should be sealed with a knot sealer.


1. Begin by cleansing your skin with 99% alcohol. NEVER skip this step. Your skin must be completely free from oil.


2. Apply skin protector to your skin - this is also very important.




3. Put on a stocking cap OR sleeping cap.




4. From the roll of adhesive bandage, cut off a piece that is long enough to reach from ear to ear. If you are attempting a full perimeter application, cut off a piece that is long enough to wrap around your head. IMPORTANT: If the bandage does not match your skintone you have 2 options: 1. you can use your favourite foundation to colour the adhesive bandage, or 2. you can spray Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs on the bandage - just choose a shade that matches the tone of your actual scalp.



5. Stick the adhesive bandage onto the stocking cap, sleeping cap, so that it just touches your skin.







6. Using the pinking shears (or normal scissors if you don't have pinking shears), cut a piece of tape into half lengthways, then cut it in half again in the middle (so that you have two quarters of a piece of tape).









7. Peel off the backing strip and place one on each temple. There is more tension on the temple area, so the tape will ensure that the temples remain stuck.


8. Apply 1-2 thin layers of liquid adhesive to your skin and onto the tape on your temples (please refer to the instructions depending on what liquid adhesive you use). In my case, I used two layers of Davlyn Green Adhesive and let each layer dry for 3-4 minutes. You can use the brush applicator, a wooden spatula or a cotton bud (q-tip) - it is up to you which you prefer. I either use the brush applicator (as in the picture) or a spatula.




9. When the adhesive has dried clear and feels tacky, place the wig on your head and position it so that each ear tab (temple) is in the correct place. Make sure you have tied the wig into a ponytail and brushed the babyhair back to avoid it getting stuck down.

10. Now pull the wig down gently with both hands. Beginning in the middle, gently press down the lace into the adhesive, taking care not to get any hair stuck in between your skin and the lace. (Please note that the line of the bandage is more visible in these pictures than in real life, due to the flash of the camera!)




11. Using a rattail comb, push the lace firmly into the adhesive. The firmer, the better your application will hold! When you are done, tie a scarf around the perimeter and leave it alone for at least 15 minutes to half an hour.


12. Then you can untie the scarf and style your hair. The adhesive bandage underneath the wig should make it look as though there is a natural scalp, enabling you to part your wig anywhere. The hairline should look natural if the wig is positioned correctly and application is done carefully. With time, you will become better and better at this.

How to Remove your Full Lace Wig:

 You should always remove your unit carefully to avoid damage and prolong its lifespan. Using the correct products and being gentle are very important!

You will need: Lace Release Spray, C-22 Solvent, A makeup sponge or cotton pad, A mirror (to clean the lace)

1. Tie back your hair and spray lace release generously along the perimeter of the wig.


2. Gently massage the lace release into the perimeter with your fingers.



3. Let the lace release soak for about a minute, then gently lift the wig off your skin. It should come right off. If it doesn't, spray more lace release onto the areas that are not lifting.

4. When you have taken the wig off, most of the adhesive should remain on your skin rather than on the lace itself. Now you need to clean up your skin. Spray C-22 solvent onto your skin and wait for about 2 minutes, to allow the product to break down the adhesive and tape. Spray more onto your temples, as the tape will be harder to release.





5. Using a makeup sponge or cotton pad, gently wipe the adhesive off your skin. Use more solvent if needed.

Important: Don't forget to clean the lace by sliding the perimeter of the wig along a mirror to remove the glue from the lace. Do this as soon as possible after removing the unit - the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to clean!


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