Glueless Wigs

This is a true innovation in the world of lace wigs! Our new revolutionary glueless lace wigs need no glue or tape to be applied. In the front, there is a lace panel which is strengthened by two small wires on each side, and there are clips towards the sides or at the temples for easier attachment. In the back, there is both an adjustable strap and an additional drawstring mechanism which helps tighten the wig as much as possible (in order for the lace to lay flat against the forehead). Glueless wigs can be worn in a low ponytail. It has never been easier to apply a lace wig! Great for when you are pressed for time, or if you are new to lace wigs and are worried about being able to apply with glue and/or tape.

The lace will need to be cut back all the way before applying the wig, just as is the case with a traditional lace wig. Also, the lace will only stay flat in front if the wig is a good fit,  which means that this wig is best suited to individuals with a circumference  between 22" and 22.5".

Please note: Our new glueless lace wigs now have softer lace and can be glued down in the front if you wish to do so. Wear with or without glue - the choice is yours!


Pictures of a glueless lace wig applied (please note: the wig in the picture has dark roots [T-colour]. None of the model's own hair has been left out!)


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